Sunday, July 29, 2007

Coming soon...

Hello Black Belt Crafters! (Maybe that's what we should make this, instead of just Knitters and Crocheters...)

Since there haven't been any posts here recently, I thought I'd just post a little something, just to keep things fresh.

This Black Belt recommended is almost at her first "black belt" midterm, which is in about 2 weeks or so. The only thing that really matters is my weapons, and I can do those with my eyes closed, as far as I know. My board breaks! Well, the foot/kick one is just a matter of getting my distance from the board figured out. It's supposed to be a jump front kick at face level, but it looks like I can do it at "fingertip" level! ;-) The back elbow still needs help, but then again, I've only had two classes whereby I worked on it just a little.

As far as knitting, I'm almost done a project, and I'll post it as soon as I get the photo and I'm done. I have been making a sweater vest for my dad since, I don't know...April or May (his birthday was in May, and it's his birthday present). I finally am working on the last parts, a little bit of ribbed armbands. I'm almost done the first armband, and have to do the second, then I'll be done! And it's about time! I want to work on other things for sure, like my Doctor's Bag purse. I made some alterations on the pattern, but they are minor. I think it will look good. ready for some photos soon! :-)



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